Fabric Mâché Plates


Fabric Mâché Plates

Select plates from your home to use as the molds for your fabric mâché plates, the more organic the shape the better. Turn plates upside down and cover each with a piece of aluminum foil, smoothing out any creases. Mix up some wallpaper paste according to directions on packet. Depending on how many plates you are making you will need around 1⁄4 cup of glue per small side plate. Brush pieces of brown paper or recycled newspaper with wallpaper glue and then stick paper over the foil side of plate, overlapping at least 4–5 layers. Set aside to dry in a warm and dry place (about 1–2 days) remove foil from plates, then carefully remove the paper mache plates from the foil. Cut your choice of fabrics into approx. 1⁄2” thick lengths, then trim to random lengths to suit plates. The aim is to make a patch affect, so fabrics are best in varying lengths and trimmed shorter that the width of the plates. Working in small batches, brush PVA glue to the reverse side of fabric pieces then fix fabric in a patchwork style pattern to your paper mache plates, covering top and base. Set aside to dry, about 1 day. Trim off any odd threads. Use plates as a decorative piece around your home for keys, rings, fruit or lovely as a special gift. A selection of plates look amazing attached to a wall creating a beautiful hand crafted display of texture and color.

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