Why playing Kellen Moore would be the best thing for Dallas

Now that the Cowboys are basically out, I promise to keep the content to a reasonable level. But I need to get this off my chest. Weeden sucked. Cassel Sucked. Kellen Moore? He probably sucks too, but he deserves a chance.

Who is Kellen Moore? Maybe this video can help you remember him.

Moore is the most productive quarterback in the history of college football. 50-3 as a starter, was in the Heisman voting all 4 years of College.

So why isn’t this dude starting in the NFL?

Well for starters, he’s short. Not Flutie short, but he’s short. At 6 feet tall he stands equal as Drew Brees in stature.

Moore has another thing going against him, he’s left handed. Now being left handed isn’t frowned upon like it was when you’re parents went to Catholic school and were forced to write with their right hand, but it makes it harder to plan for offensively.

For example, the Cowboys have had 3 qb’s play this season, all right handed. The playbook is written for a right handed quarterback. If Dez Bryant runs a 3rd down quick out, with Romo on the field, that play goes towards the right sideline, with Moore it must go to the left.

Not really a big deal.

So why is Moore in Dallas?

Well Moore is a favorite of Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan back from when he signed Moore as an Undrafted Free Agent in Detroit.

Why do I want him on the field? Here’s my point

  • He can’t be worse. The Cowboys have failed to score a touchdown in 3 games this season, 1 under Weeden, 2 under Cassel. In the games that Cassel had decent games he also had a back breaking Pick-6 that gave away the game.
  • If you got it, flaunt it. No not his ass. But for Dallas, why not give the kid a shot? Your season is primarily over. If he turns out to be decent, the Cowboys could hold off on drafting a QB early in the draft next year and try to make “win now” pick like Joey Bosa or Zeke Elliot (guess where I go to college)
  • If Kellen Moore is a stud, but the Cowboys don’t want to move forward with him, there’s a chance some team will throw a 2 or a 3 at them for the lefty.
  • And man, what a shame it would be if this guy never got a chance to show his stuff
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c16ankVNds


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