My Short List for the Giants Head Coaching Job

On Monday morning, Tom Coughlin met with Giants ownership and resigned his position as head coach. In his presser the following day, showing up 5 minutes early in typical Coughlin fashion, he preached that it wasn’t Eli’s fault and that “Remember, when we lose, I lose. When we win, you guys win.” I’m going to miss Coughlin on the sidelines, hands on hips, yelling at players, but mostly, I’m going to miss the way he handled players. He shaped they way players thought about the game and how to handle themselves off the field. He preached team first. Coughlin brought in two Super Bowls as the head ball coach and will probably be a Hall-of-Famer.

Here’s his whole press conference (take notes Belichick):


But the franchise has moved on. That’s what happens when you go 6-10 two straight seasons, and missing the playoffs for four years in a row. So we, as the fans of the New York Football Giants, have to move on as well. Recently, I’ve been thinking about my “dream coach,” or at least who I would realistically want to man the reins of this team. It is probably one of the most desirable job openings in all of football, mainly because of the stability at quarterback with Eli Manning. So here’s a short list of who I want running the team.

Ben McAdoo, Giants Offensive Coordinator

Both coordinators for the Giants are getting courtesy interviews but this one makes the most sense to me over Spagnuolo. Two years ago, the Giants brought him in to revamp the entire offensive scheme, shifting towards a West Coast offense and it has worked, relatively speaking. Yes, they have two back to back 6-10 seasons, but Eli has had success working with this offense and the new playbook, throwing for 30+ touchdowns both seasons. In a time of change, having stability within the coaching staff is vital.

Matt Patricia, Patriots Defensive Coordinator

I love this guy. The defense he has installed under Belichick has been successful and was good enough to win a Super Bowl. Coming to a team that has had trouble on the defensive end, and being able to incorporate your own system, and not having to worry about the offense has to be intriguing to Patricia.

Josh McDaniels, Patriots Offensive Coordinator

After his rough head coaching debut with Denver in 2009 and 2010, McDaniels returned to the tutelage of Belichick and the “Patriot Way.” He has reinvented himself as a head coaching option with the success he has had with Brady and bringing the team to another playoff. Who wouldn’t want to come to New York and work with a developed quarterback under his wing?! Any offensive coordinator would want to come here, but now that the Dolphins have formally requested the ability to interview both Patriots coordinators, McDaniels has to be thinking about giving head coaching another go.

Sean Payton, Saints Head Coach

The former Giants offensive coordinator would be a perfect fit in the Giants system and the front offices’ preference in their next head coach. His status in New Orleans is slowly fading and it’s unlikely that the Saints would let him leave, but given the opportunity to come back to a familiar home would be a welcomed sight for Giants fans. (Update: The Saints just announced that Payton would remain as head coach)

Bill Belichick, Patriots Head Coach

Can you tell I’m surrounded by Patriots fans and their way of playing? My brother texted me this morning that this was an actual rumor floating around sports radio and now I’m actually thinking about this. Belichick is a football savant and can pick apart teams in an instant. So why not abandon New England for East Rutherford! Even though I can’t stand his press conferences, I’d be content with having him run the show in the Meadowlands.

Eric Taylor, East Dillon Head Coach

Ok, this is a long shot. Mainly because he is a fictional character. But he has shown that he has the ability to coach teams successfully. Two state titles earns you at least an interview right?

Tom Coughlin, ex-Giants Head Coach




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