Flower Wall Vase


Flower Wall Vase

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Place a piece of the clay onto a piece of textured linen. Use a rolling pin to roll evenly to about 1⁄4″ thickness, allow about 11⁄2-2″ space around jar or bottle you have selected. We made organic shapes leaving the edges as they were. You can trim edges if you prefer. Place the jar or bottle on top and make 2 holes in the clay just behind the rim. Use the end of a brush or a skewer to make the holes wide enough for wire to t through. Make another hole at the top for hanging the vase. Place clay piece on a board and allow to dry and harden completely, about 2 days. Twist wire around rim of jar or bottle a couple of times, then attach securely to clay piece, twisting wire at back. Fill with a little water and fresh spring owers and hang on wall.

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