Make Your Own Yogurt!


Make Your Own Yogurt! Instantly download my Spring issue for just $2.99!

Put the milk in a large pan and cook it for 5–6 minutes.  A yellow layer will develop on the surface—push it to the side so the milk can cook longer.  After cooking, let the milk cool down to 113°F. (Don’t have a thermometer? Try this: the milk should still be warm, but not burn your finger. If you can keep your finger in the pan for 7 seconds, then the temperature is just right.)  Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt to the warm milk. The quality of the yogurt you add determines the quality of the yogurt you make, so use a yogurt that you really like. Stir the yogurt through the milk.  Wrap the pan in a warm towel and place it on a steady surface.  Keep the milk warm and steady for 3½ hours.  After this time, remove the pan from the towel and let it cool down for 4–5 hours to room temperature. Try to keep the pan as steady as possible.  Lastly, put the pan in the refrigerator. Y our homemade yogurt is ready the next morning. Make it even better by adding your favorite treats.                                   

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