14 Questions with Giada De Laurentiis


14 Questions with Giada De Laurentiis

Where do you live?
Los Angeles, California.

What inspires you?
Where to begin! So many things inspire me these days, but especially my daughter Jade. There is something about the curiosity and excitement of a child that lights a spark in everyone around them.

Favorite color?
White. It’s clean, modern, and anything goes with it.

Necessary luxury?
Manicures. With all the cooking I do and all the close ups of my hands that go along with that, maintenance is key. But I also love how fun it is switching styles whenever I want.

Guilty pleasure?
Really good dark chocolate or even more indulgent… gelato!

Favorite song?
At the moment, Adventures of a Lifetime by Coldplay.

Favorite ower?
I love white orchids. They are long, lean, and sexy. Potted, they last much longer than cut owers and require little maintenance.

Last purchase?
A house!

Fracas by Robert Piguet. My grandma used to wear it and I absolutely love it. It’s a combination of jasmine and gardenia.

Favorite restaurant?
Depends on the city. In Las Vegas, of course it is my restaurant, Giada. In LA I like Gjusta and Capo and in NYC, Milos is my go to.

Cookbook you can’t live without?
My Nonna Luna’s recipe handbook.

Ultimate vacation destination?
The Amal coast in Italy. Something about the water and the cliffs… not to mention the food and the people. It is an indulgent breath of fresh air.

Film idol?
My grandmother Silvana Mangano. She was stunning and captivating in so many ways.

Perfect meal?
My lemon spaghetti with a simple arugula and Parmesan salad. Shared with my daughter, of course!


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