How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard!


How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard!

Start with a perfect personalized cutting board. Isn’t my “Sweet Paul” board fab? Customize your board with your family name or a fun and festive word or two! To order yours go to  Cheese: I like to have at least three different cheeses. My favorite way to select cheese is to go to the cheese counter at my local grocery and have the experts help me to select the perfect combination. You’ll be sure to have a delish selection!  Honey: A drizzle of honey brings any cheese board to the next level. Not only does it look good, but it makes soft or blue cheese sing with added flavor.  Rosemary: It’s the perfect garnish to add festive flare and the scent is divine too!  Seasonal Fruits: An inexpensive way to elevate your cheese board. The fruit fills in the gaps to make your board look decadent and bountiful.  Nuts: Clusters of nuts add a variety of flavors and a bit of crunch to any cheese board. Why not look up a nice candied nut recipe and make your own?  Crackers: I like to invest in a high quality basic cracker. No need to get fancy flavors, let your cheese be the star!                                     

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