Hand Dyed Wool Felt Christmas Tree


Hand Dyed Wool Felt Christmas Tree

Follow dye packet directions to color wool felt. Squeeze out all liquid and allow felt to dry naturally. Print and cut out paper template to the size you would like your tree. Pin template to felt and cut out tree. Repeat until you have 8 felt tree cut outs. Fold each felt tree in half vertically and iron at. Working with a single felt tree piece at a time, apply hot glue to the fold then glue to the branch positioning it about 1⁄2” above the top of the branch. Repeat with remaining felt trees. This will resemble pages of a book. Insert a little hot glue into top section of tree and press felt edges together to neaten the top of the tree. Tree can stand in a small bottle, lean against a wall, or in a plant pot filled with clean sand. You can make smaller or larger trees by simply changing the size of the felt template.

from Sweet Paul: Latest Articles http://ift.tt/2gsX2Ef


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