Simple Holiday Wreath in honor of my Norwegian Grandmother


Simple Holiday Wreath in honor of my Norwegian Grandmother

Every December my mormor and I would take the bus into Oslo to go to the flower market to get holiday decorations. She bought the same wreath from the same little old lady every year. It was a simple green holiday wreath. I always asked her why she wanted it so simple, and she said "simple is always best".

And she was right.

To this day nothing makes me happier then seeing a fresh green wreath on a door. I went upstate for recently and made this simple wreath from greens I clipped outside.  And it’s simple.  And it’s the best.

God Jul, Mormor!

Start by securing the wire to the wreath at one point along the frame. Make small bouquets of your material. Small neat bouquets will make a tight neat wreath while larger and more loose bouquets will make a more “wild” wreath. I like ’em wild! Start by securing one bouquet to the wreath by twisting the wire around the wreath tightly 3 times. I always point one bouquet towards the center of the wreath and one towards the outside. This way I cover the whole area. work you way thought the whole wreath doing the same thing. Avoid the urge to make bigger and bigger bouquets just to make it go faster, try to make them all the same size. Once you reach where you started, lift up the first sprigs and place another bouquet and gently secure with the wire. To hang you simply make a loop on the back with the wire and use it to hang the wreath on a nail or with ribbon.

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