Jammy Gin & Tonic


Jammy Gin & Tonic

I love gin & tonic! It’s such a wonderful and refreshing treat.  When we recently hosted an event I wanted to make a cocktail that combined gin from our partners atJunipero Gin with jam from our friends atBonnie’s Jam… and my Jammy Gin & Tonic was born!  It’s such a delish drink.. you’re going to be drinking it nonstop from now on!

Add ice to a cocktail shaker.  Add one spoon of jam for each G&T you’re going to make.  Add gin to the shaker according to your taste. See my tip section below for a note on the amount. I usually do a 1:3 ratio between the gin and tonic.  Shake shake shake the gin and jam!  Add ice to a glass and pour in your gin and jam mixture.   Top off with tonic.  Add fresh squeezed lime wedge and some juniper berries.  Stir and enjoy!                                   

from Sweet Paul: Latest Articles http://ift.tt/2rQou27


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